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SL bites the big one

I went to the libsecondlife sim. I ws met by "baba Yamamoto" - a naked human av weiring only a pair of briefs for clothes. He is a "Charter Member" and the developer of "CopyBot"

Copybot allows you to download your entire inventory from secondlife - to a windows pc, which causes all of the unix based permissions to be lost. When uploaded back, you have full permission on everything.

This completely destroys any incentive to make custom items for sale, indeed,to make custom items evenfor your own personal use, as anyone who sees what you have and likes it can get a copy of it - for free.

We were probaly the second largest aircraft maker next to abbots. We bulldozed the rented location (I.E. returned everything on it) and made our owned property private and took everything off that wasn't in the hanger that you can't see into anymore.

We also ceased development on everything we were working on.

The source code for copybot is now available through numerous third party sites, they can't prevent anyone from getting it. By their own admission, they cannot prevent it from being used.

No point in complaining about it at the "town hall meeting" either.

Its over, as far as I and many of my friends are concerned. It was fun while it lasted.
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