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Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here. So, hello hello! ^.^

Crossposted from my own Journal, and second_lifers

Presto Baxtalo is an old character of mine who I have never had a chance to fully role-play. Despite being little used though he seems to follow me into games and into artwork others draw for me.

Well, now he has made it into Second Life!

Currently he is only an 'avatar' on my character Onix Harbinger login, but if SL ever lets you chose last names I will certainly make him his own character. This avatar was made by a lot of creative combining on my part. The head was made by mutt12, the tail and feet by Luskwood and me (modified), the hair by Cheetah Kitty (heavily modded) and me, the cow spot pattern by me, clothing from random places (vest was made by me, but you cant make out the detail on it), and the body tattoo by Johnny Mann. Thanks to all of them, though most are unaware of their contributions.


All I have to say is.... Oh YEAH!
Feast your eyes on this one! ^.^

These dragons are all limited editions I belive. This one is the Astral Dragon model. (which seems popular) I saw a few full sized dragons around in the past but when I finally tracked down where they came from I learned that the shop and all its dragons had gone. ;.; Something about the land owner folding up and the sim going wholesale back to Linden. (least that's what I heard) Fortunately, the Council of Wyrms returns to Second Life and I'm glad to finally get one!

To find it just do a search for 'wyrm' and you'll spot it. The vendor is kinda neat. Once you enter the cathedral you'll see a ring of dragon eggs. Just click one and you'll see a holo/temprez of each dragon. Buy based on shape! Colors are completely customizable and can be easily changed via script. There is also a well designed hud and each comes with some poses and positions for the av. You also get a horde and a dragon egg. Be prepared to spend a lot for it. These av's dont come cheep.
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